The “Rich Habits” are ten principles created through years of researching the daily success habits of his wealthiest clients. These ten simple principles miraculously transform every individual who comes into contact with them. By applying these principles, you are literally walking in the footsteps of the wealthy. In Rich Habits, Tom Corley provides a step by step financial success program that is concise, easy to understand and even easier to apply, regardless of your age, education or income level.

Rich Habits shares similar insight by eliminating the excuses and obstacles we often make for ourselves. It’s no longer merely about having good timing or [random] good luck. Tom Corley stresses the importance of developing daily habits that will help us create our own opportunities and increase the chances of having really good luck.

Likely the biggest reason Rich Habits holds such a high rank in my rather massive book collection is not because Tom is my client (which he is) but simply because this book cuts all the junk out and focuses on what really matters. Tom sees the urgency in making changes immediately so he gets straight to the point. More importantly, the stories and lessons are relevant to anyone from any background, so long as you are serious about really making a change in your life. This book empowers the lower and middle class in ways few other books have ever even attempted.


Redefining & Creating Luck

When we look at any popular success story, the temptation may be to think it was all luck and that it was an overnight success. We rarely see the journey there, the price that had to be paid for success. In Rich Habits, Tom confirms that it really is all about luck but we need to transform how we view luck. The average person may wait around for random good luck, but this leaves too much up to circumstances and adversity. The wealthy have mastered ways to create their own opportunity luck, which is an empowering thing to know. No longer do we need to feel that we are victims of adversity.


Use Daily To-Do Lists

To-do lists may seem like a mundane task or extra work but Tom’s research has shown that the wealthy use daily to-do lists and aim for 70% completion or better. This discipline makes long-term goals more achievable and puts us in a “do it now” mindset. By extension, this insight shows us how procrastination and lack of organization can be detrimental to our potential for success and wealth. The practice of daily to-do lists helps us visualize success and make progress more tangible.


Build Relationships Daily

In business, it is easy to treat people as sales prospects and referral sources. This short-sighted view on the value of people makes relationships more transactional, whereas it should be more about mutual support, emotional empowerment, and reciprocation. Tom urges us to meet people often and nurture relationships daily.

The wealthy show us that everyone matters and we should not think about a person’s immediate value or what we can gain from relationships; instead, we should focus on building life-long relationships and empowering others around us. Observe any truly successful person and chances are they have friends and colleagues they have known for years. Truly, success is often about who we know, not what we know. No one “makes it” alone.


Stop Gossiping

Tom’s research reveals that 79% or more of the poor engage in gossip while 6% of the wealthy or less do so. The key difference for this gap is that the wealthy treat their relationships like gold. Here are some reasons gossip is bad news for everyone.

Gossip Breeds Jealousy – When we focus too much on the good fortune and success of others, it is easy to become envious. We may gossip to say successful people are just lucky. This puts us in the position of waiting for good luck or merely living vicariously through others, which is certainly not productive.

Gossip Stops Productivity – Those who engage in gossip frequently eventually stop trying to make positive changes in their lives. They look at the more successful and wealthy as people they do not wish to become because of their flaws. This puts us into a gear of excuse-making rather than result-driving.

Gossip Hurts Relationships – Eventually, gossip makes us so bitter and jealous that we become toxic to others around us. This leads to isolation and more resentment. This vicious cycle is hard to break because it feeds off itself.


Rich Habits calls us to take inventory of ourselves and reform bad habits. By acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, we can truly reinvent ourselves for the better. Even if you are already successful, the ten daily rich habits can help enrich your life. The ultimate goal is to turn destructive behaviors into productive ones while making us more proactive rather than reactive. In this manner, we become masters of our destiny, creating more opportunity luck every day!